EMCO, Inc.

Scott P Moberg

Richard A Goclano

Jon L Tulino

Employee Management Consultants, Inc.

EMPLOYEE MANAGEMENT CONSULTANTS, INC., doing business as EMCO, is a Personnel, Labor, and Employee Relations Consulting firm which has provided Human Resources and Industrial Relations advice and representational services to both union and non-union clients for over twenty years. 

Represented businesses include:


о Construction             
о Trucking
о Manufacturing        
о Service Industry
о Municipalities        
о Food Retailers

о Food Service     
о Insurance Brokerages
о Apartment Leasing
о Medical Practices
о Jewelry Retailers   
о Restaurants  

The service is comprehensive and its value is based on our intimate knowledge of the employment environment and the related business community.  EMCO, on behalf of its clients, has been successful without the need to advertise.  For the most part our new clients have been obtained through the recommendations of our existing clients. 

EMCO has based its service on the concept of prevention. Our strategic approach is proactive rather than reactive

Working directly with the Owners and Managers of Companies, EMCO has a long history of providing valuable advice regarding the best way to achieve the Company’s employee relations goals and objectives.  At the same time, EMCO creates and maintains the documentation required to help protect the business from potential liability. 

EMCO Consultants are specifically educated and trained in the fields of Human Resources and Industrial Relations, including Bachelors and Masters Degrees.  Each has over twenty years of professional related work experience in the Pittsburgh and surrounding metropolitan areas.  In addition to this wide variety of services, EMCO works in conjunction with an internal law firm to complete our comprehensive Employee Relations Program.  The law firm can provide legal consultation and assistance when required.