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Jon L Tulino

Jon L. Tulino

Jon is an established Human Resources/Industrial Relations professional with twenty-five years of acquired experience in the field of Industrial Relations.  Jon acquired his Bachelors of Science degree in Business Administration from Gannon University in 1983.  He has dedicated his professional career assisting employers and their designated representatives with all aspects of their Human Resources and Industrial Relations needs and interests.  Jon is a co-founder and partner of Employee Management Consultants, Inc. (Emco), Emco is a specialized consulting firm founded in 1986.   Jon provides his client’s professional Personnel-Labor Relations advice and guidance that serve the client’s best interest, as well as the interests of their business.  After accumulating his initial work experience and formulating Emco, Jon further enhanced his educational background in his specialized field of discipline.  He graduated from St. Francis University in 1990 with a Master of Arts degree in Personnel Administration/ Industrial Relations.    

Some of the specialized services Jon provides his clients include: 

  • Chief Collective Bargaining Representative
  • Contract Development/Interpretation /Administration
  • Employee Documentation/Discipline/Discharge Issues
  • Unemployment Compensation Advocate
  • Federal/State Discrimination Advocate
  • Grievance Administration, Dispute/Conflict Resolution
  • Workplace/Employee Mediation
  • Employee Manual/Policy Procedure Review and Development
  • Wage and Benefit Development/Administration
  • Health Benefit Plan Analysis

Jon also provides service for the following compliance issues:

  • Wage and Hour
  • Overtime
  • Minimum Wage
  • Classification of Exempt v Non–Exempt Employees
  • Child Labor
  • Family Medical Leave
  • Workers Compensation Liaison
  • Workplace Harassment Issues/Investigations
  • Management/Employee Training

Jon represents numerous employers in different industries; he consults in both non-union and unionized environments.  Some unions’ affiliation includes, United Food and Commercial Workers, Teamsters, United Steel Workers, Glass Workers, and Operating Engineers.     

Throughout his career Jon has been exposed to a wide variety of Human Resources/Industrial Relations issues that pertain to his client’s business.  His vast education and practical experience are valued resources and assets utilized to provide options for his clients and resolve their HR/IR issues.  These qualifications have allowed Jon to craft an intricate skill set used to advise his clients in a comprehensive pro-active manner.  The goal is to always minimize their exposure and produce a desired outcome. 

Jon’s interest in his chosen field of discipline is driven by his intrigue of people and the various challenges they present in the workplace.   For the last twenty-five years, Jon role has been committed to his client’s interests as if they were his own.  He functions, as a non-bias professional consultant with confidence in serving his client needs.