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Labor Relations Services

Unemployment Compensation

We provide a full-service U.C. support function to our clients, including advice concerning the separation of employees and how those separations are characterized and recorded in the employer’s records.  To help ensure a favorable determination, we aid in the response to all requests for separation information from the U.C. Service Centers and the Employer’s Charge Section.  We are experienced in claims involving voluntary resignations, discharges, willful misconduct, lay-off and re-call, partial unemployment and “Low earnings” eligibility. 

When the employer receives an adverse determination from the Service Center, we file a timely appeal for a Referee’s Hearing.  We also interview and prepare employer witnesses for the hearing, and act as the employer’s representative before the Referee.  We prepare and enter all relevant documents as “Employer exhibits”, and we challenge or object to the submission of adverse “Claimant” or “Service Center” exhibits.  We have been trained to effectively elicit direct testimony, to cross-examine adverse witnesses, to raise objections and make relevant motions, and to make closing arguments at the conclusion of the hearing.

When confronted with an improper or incorrect Referee’s decision, we will file a further appeal to the Unemployment Compensation Board of Review, and will request and review a written transcript of the initial hearing.