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Documentation Services

A wise person once said, "The best evidence is written evidence.”  It is universally accepted that a Company's chances of success in legal or labor proceedings (and often in avoiding them altogether) is to have valid and accurate documentation to support their position.   
Our Documentation Service provides a simple and systematic method of issuing employee correspondence that is appropriate and accurate, to be used as the foundation of a Company’s position and used as a basis for any additional action, if necessary. Correspondence sent to employees ranges from letters of commendation, to employee disciplinary notices, to formal notification of separation of employment.  In cases involving employee violations of company policies and procedures, and/or a labor agreement violation or performance issues, these letters are sent directly to the employees to inform them of the violations. The correspondence may also deal with Federal or State required correspondence such as Family Medical Leave notifications.

The Documentation Service is a great way to insure that the Company’s policies are being followed and employees have received the proper notifications and discipline.